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    Question Possible new owner of ASUS Rapture GT-AX11000

    Hi there,

    I am looking at new routers after having an unbelievable time with netgear rax120. I am a household of about 60 devices mostly smart devices. While in the night hours, we are streaming and gaming via 3 consoles and multiple tv's at once so I need something to handle the load. It seems people have had good luck with this router but would like some experiences from the forum.


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    I just bought it myself. I have mixed feelings about it. There is a lot of buggy options on the router. However this thing gives wifi to about 20-30 devices in my house 4k tvs ps3 pc laptops phones etc... The connection is rock solid. I have the QoS enabled to prioritize gaming. I get wifi everywhere in my house its fast and no lag or dropouts. When iam gaming on my pc and everyone else is streaming or watching iam not lagging. I have 1gig fiber from century link in las vegas. On my main pc i got wifi 6 network card. My router is triband 1x 2.4gz network 2x5ghz networks. 5ghz-1 is set up to run ac/ax(wifi 5 and 6) mixed and 5ghz-2 is ax(wifi 6) exclusively. However there is something crazy going on like I mentioned before .5ghz-1 shows 2.4gbps speed and 5ghz-2 shows less signal and only 1.2gbps speed.(So for some reason one network is slower than the other but its set for wifi 6 only and wifi 6 its supposed to be faster...) It doesnt matter if i change channels or i use wifi6 or 5 on eather network, result is always the same one is just faster than others. Then you have the channels.... its buggy as hell also.... some times it stays on the channel you want it be and sometimes it doesnt.... So iam super confused about a lot of things, however my wifi is rocksolid compared to my old modem from century link that was fine the first 2 years but now iam getting rubberbanding lagging dropouts etc... with the asus everything is working.

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