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    Windows is abrupt, gl503ge overheating issues. Service center can't diagnose problem.

    I own a gl503ge gaming nb. I've been facing some issues which really can't be described, along with overheating issues. Thr system sometimes reaches above 90 degrees in c normal state without any load, during gaming cpu temp is around 90-96 degrees c and gpu is 89-92 degrees c. So i sent the device to service center, they said that they did thermal repasting but there was no drop in temp while gaming. Now about the other problem, I can't even describe what it is. Its just that whenever i use any windows feature this happens, be it the notification bar or sound or battery, even Microsoft edge. The screen freezes and then gets back to normal after 2 or 3 seconds. The slider for the sound bar and battery bar and in notification bar keeps flickering like it isn't able to form properly. So i posted the pics and videos on Microsoft community and they reverted back that the one of the gpu has gone corrupt, either the integrated one lr dedicated one. And about the overheating they said that either the fan isn't seated properly or the fan is broke. Now the service center claims that they did some benchmark thing and didn't find any solution, i told them that the benchmarks can't always catch all the problems so I'm going to take my system to the center again. Now they can't diagnose the first problem, so if they don't find a solution for that and couldn't diagnose the problem what will the course of action. My system is under warranty tho. I'll post the video link of the issue here as well.

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