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    Question ROG G751JY storage slots

    I was thinking if I should get a 2.5" samsung 860 evo (1TB) since I have an empty 2.5" slot on the left side but then I noticed the m.2 ssd might block the way. The pictures are below:

    Also it looks like the ssd isn't even touching the lower thermal pad.
    Is there any way to have both the m.2 and 2.5" ssd plugged in at the same time, and hdd on the right side slot ? Basically I don't want to remove the m.2 and hdd I have right now, I just want to add a 2.5" ssd on the left (m.2) side
    Thanks in advance!
    (Btw, is this an nvme ssd in m.2 slot? I was under the impression that g751 doesn't support nvme, but it's much faster than any sata3 I've had so I've always wondered if it's an nvme).
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