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    Ethernet driver cannot load driver code 31 (ROG G750JW Win 8.1 64bit)

    EDIT: I don't know what happened, but my initial post turned into garbled letters???

    Anyway. One day my LAN driver got corrupted and was giving me BSODs. I uninstalled the driver, restarted the computer, and the issue is fixed. However, now the Ethernet driver now says it cannot be loaded and is not working. Tried reinstalling, same problem. Trying to update the driver manually gives me an error too, says the installation was a failure. I use wifi, so the cable LAN/Ethernet is not a big deal at the moment, but I'm concerned that this is an indication or symptoms of other more serious problems (especially given the previous BSOD issue).

    So... can this be fixed? Is this actually a hardware issue? And is this something I need to worry about? My computer is old as you can tell from the ROG series, but I can't afford a replacement yet.
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    Are you trying to load the latest driver from the ASUS Download Center?
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