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    Quote Originally Posted by chew** View Post
    There's 2 ways to quickly identify if you have the problem one much quicker than the other. Run blender benchmark with scene victor. It will crash in warmup/loading scene.

    The even quicker way is to install XTU run avx 512 for most of the time 5 mins is enough and more often than not it will hardlock in less than 20 seconds.

    2x16bg will aggravate this problem more. 2x8gb will alleviate the problem to an extent as ii could prime stable i could aida i could hci memtest I could game but i couldn't XTU avx 512 for 5 minutes or blender victor scene and pass ever. I've held out hopes that it was all bios but as the reports trickled in that people rma'd board or bought multiples then finally 3 boards later there problems magically disappeared and or used another brand and no more problems and since i've verified it was not my memory or just a bad cpu or bad imc in my cpu i'm really just leaning towards there are some faulty boards causing everyone these problems.

    Vccio/vccsa alleviated but did not make the problem go away it just bought me maybe 5-10 minutes runtime in XTU sometimes. Setting tfaw to 16 in my testing seems to really magnify the problem and any decent set of samsung Bdie memory can do 16 TFAW just fine so it's not the memory causing this issue.

    Higher speed memory also makes the problem worse. I tested 3600 3400 3200 2933 and lower. The only time I ever could pass was defaults loaded.

    The same 2x16gb memory/cpu can do 4000 16-16-16 in another brand ITX board HCI stable, Prime stable, aida64 stable, tm5 anta777@extreme stable and XTU stable so that rules out the bad memory or weak IMC possibility.

    The vccio/vccsa in all vendors boards is overkill. For like 2x16gb 3600 memory you should really only need 1.15 SA 1.10 IO and then it scales up from there so like 3800 memory 1.20 SA 1.15 IO and 4000 1.25 SA and 1.20 IO you can probably start with similar scaling with 2x8gb but i would try 1.10 SA 1.05 IO for 3600 and scale up from there as 2x8gb should require less.
    Yesterday, I left my PC open for 6-7 hours. I used it for couple of things for an hour in total. It was mostly idle. Eventually, I didn't get any hard freeze with VCCIO and SA voltages set to 1.1V using bios 0707.

    Today, I ran victor benchmark in Blender using CPU and GPU like you said and it completed it in 14m50s and 44m46s respectively. I also ran AVX2 CPU stress test (couldnt see 512) for a 15 min and didn't get any hard freeze either.

    I could run any other tests if you like but I think it would hard freeze several times already if these voltage settings didn't work. Can anyone test and confirm?

    I also would like to hear what ASUS respresentatives think about this if they're checking this thread at all...

    Edit: I might have spoke too early...
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