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    Question G751jy Temperature almost the same after changing thermal paste

    I haven't changed the thermal paste in my rog g751jy in 2 years so I did it yesterday. I also cleaned all the dust. Before doing it, while playing Battlefield 1 my gpu was constantly at 86-87 degrees celsius and throttling, while cpu was around 92-97, with clock speeds bouncing between 3GHz and 3.3GHz, also reaching 3.4GHz sometimes. Fan speeds were around 3000rpm for gpu and 3300rpm for the cpu. After I was done with the paste and cleaning, I ran Battlefield 1 again and gpu never went above 75-76 degrees and was always at full speed. CPU however, runs at 3.4GHz all the time, and then it gets to 92 degrees and drops to 2.5GHz and ~83 degrees, and then goes back to 3.4GHz until it's at 92 degrees and it's a never ending cycle. Fan speeds were 3000rpm for the gpu and 3000rpm for the cpu (300rpm less than before for cpu). Idle temperatures are 40 degrees for the gpu and 45 degrees for cpu. Is this a normal result? I'm happy with the gpu results, but underwhelmed with cpu results. It never fell to 2.5GHz before, and why are the fans running 300rpm slower? Did I do something wrong? Any way to fix this? The thermal paste I used was Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut and Arctic thermal pads for the vram and vrm (0.5mm and 1mm). I spread the paste with included spatula, as recommended by thermal grizzly. Is there maybe a curing time for the paste or something?

    Here are the pictures:
    Before cleaning:


    After cleaning (I cleaned the vram and vrms too but didn't take a picture):



    New paste and thermal pads:

    Thermal pads on the heatsink:



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