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    ROG Enthusiast Array Red Core PC Specs
    Red Core PC Specs
    MotherboardAsus ROG Zephyrus S GX701 GVR 48GB DDR4 RAM
    ProcessorIntel I7-9750H
    Memory (part number)Phs Memory 32GB 2666 Dualchannel DD4 RAM
    Graphics Card #1Asus ROG RTX 2060 1,4Ghz, 120Watt 77°C 50db
    MonitorAsus ROG 240hz G-sync On
    Storage #1Seagate Firecuda 510 2000gb
    Mouse Cherry 4K, Black
    Headset HyperX Cloud Alpha, impedance: 65, 27khz set to 24bit 192khz
    OS Windows 10 Home 64bit
    Network Router1 Gbit/s but 200mbit/s download & 10mbit/s upload connection, 20~32ms ping
    Accessory #1 Phone: Xiaomi Mi9
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    Lightbulb Asus ROG GX701 GVR, Not made for Gaming

    Before many comment against it or this message is deleted, READ!

    First one... before real use:
    I bought a Asus ROG GX701 GVR in december 2019 and it had a hardware based audio failure by manufacture.

    After wasting 3 whole months and 2 RMA with Asus, the problem wasnt fixed.
    I asked the Seller for a new notebook and got one. The mistake was Asus itself.

    Second one, after 3 months of use:
    Audio worked... so far everything was fine...
    Now the microphone doesnt work.

    Also following problems existed:

    This notebook shall be for gaming but use single channel 16gb 2666 ddr4 ram? .... SINGLE CHANNEL
    Fixed by buying ram and added to it, it wasnt difficult to recognize that the notebook was slow with single channel ram in it.

    This notebook has a good cooling... well if i use more power and push more air against something, its not a act of being genius..
    The cooling is bad.... Asus... ever studied physics? or even tried to employ someone who studied physics? No? welll easy to recognize.

    Heat is created in the mid where the logo is but the heatpipes goes to the side. More way the heat have, lower is the efficiency of cooling.
    The coolersize/area is very small compared to the fan volume/area.

    Conclusion, Asus create no gaming notebooks.
    I decided to build my own notebook which will be number one in the whole world.

    I designed a new notebook cooler which is able to cool 300-400Watt and suit into my Zephyrus S Notebook.
    Im going to 3D print it with aluminum, it doesnt take more space than the already existing cooler but has a secret why it cools at least 100% better.

    I also recognized that the keyboard is bad, the buttons are to easy to push down and feel as if they break if i type fast.
    The keys pushway is to short like 2mm, the size of the keys are made for a child.
    Why are the keys made of plastic? Because Asus has no taste, no quality, THIS is the best gaming notebook? In their dreamworld maybe.
    I ve designed a precision-mechanical keyboard with steel buttons, also with a additional secret which makes it unique and even much better than all others.

    The chassis... the bottom lift up, the designer of this notebook know... it wasnt necessary and the uplifting bottom creates a fail:
    The metal of the uplifting bottom bent to fast and putting it on your lap is stupid. Solution, just take that stupid concept out of the notebook design.

    The M.2 SSD... that Intel M.2 SSD is much slower than a Seagate Firecuda 510, therefore its NOT gaming.
    I compared the 512gb intel M.2 with the 2000gb M.2 from seagate firecuda 510 and the speed is 40mb/s vs 800mb/s real world use.

    Thanks Asus for marketing a notebook which wasnt its money worth.
    You created a much better competitor by creating rage.
    Just as Nintendo messed it up once with Sony and Sony Playstation was born...
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