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    M2 Aftermarket heatsink or heatsink that came with motherboard? Suggestions?

    Was just wondering here if anyone is using an aftermarket heatsink instead of the ones that came with their boards.

    I have a Z390 ROG Strix E-Gaming and just recently purchased a Samsung 970 EVO Plus. Installed it and pulled the cover of the thermalpad on the heatsink and have been having temperatures between 45c and 50c while idle, sometimes going up to 56c when gaming even though none of my games are on the M2 drive.

    Was just wondering if anyone is having the same temp readings or what your opinion is on this. The Samsung Magician app states that 56c is "too high" for the SSD but I've seen it only starts thermal throttling at 70c.

    So in short, are you still using the heatsink that came with your motherboard if it did come with one or did you purchase an aftermarket one?

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    I have had a similar issue with the Rampage VI Extreme and the onboard M.2 slot, except my temps were hitting 75c+ and Temp #2 would get as high as 98c. My SSD is also a 970 Evo Plus and was being used as a system disk.

    I also have a 970 EVO plus and a 960 EVO installed on my DIMM.2 card WITH heatsinks, along with a Hyper X16 M.2 card and with those my temps were around 45c-56c. In fact 56c was quite common to see. The Hyper X16 M.2 Card did better than heat sinks with an average 45c for #1 and #2 temps.

    I recently upgraded to a Rampage VI Extreme Encore and the onboard M.2 slots along with the DIMM.2 Card all have heatsinks built into the design and my SSD's are all running about 45c - 50c for both #1 and #2 temps. I added an Aquacomputer 4x card Watercooled block for my system disk (this disables Dimm2.2 slot) and I haven't seen that SSD go over 40c for Temps #1 and #2.

    I had tried a number of different heatsinks (even ones with a built in fan - fan made no difference) and never got any better temps than what you are seeing.
    In short, most SSD heatsinks I've tried are all about the same. My fav was EK however, and the Hyper X16 card was a bit better due to it having a built in fan that actually improved cooling. Just make sure that you are using quality thermal pads and that they make good contact with the heatsinks and you should be fine.
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