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    ASUS Sonic Studio 3 and Nahimic 32/64 service causing issues post Win 10 2004 update.

    After updating to Win 10 2004 a couple weeks ago, I noticed that various programs were opening very slowly. These included Chrome,, Steam and many more. I also experienced what seemed top be in-game crashes or long freezes that seemed to be related to audio. After running through the basic troubleshooting process of disabling startup programs and services, the Nahimic service installed with sonic studio 3 was found to be the culprit. After identifying the audio driver/software as the issue, I did a clean install of the recommended version which did not fix it. I also followed the directions suggested in these fourms with the newest driver versions available which also did nothing. Only uninstalling Sonic Studio/Sonic Radar 3 leaves me with a PC worthy of being from 2020.

    There is an issue with the Nahimic drivers and Sonic Studio/Sonic Radar. Fix it.

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