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    Aura Sync - possible to schedule on/off?

    So I've got a Maximus X hero w/ Wifi Mobo and I've coupled that with some G-Skill RGB ram. I've also connected my case LEDs and a pair of LED strips to one of the RGB headers on the board.

    Obviously, I'm using Aura Sync - and for the most part it's working fine for me.

    Here's my question: My PC runs 24/7, I rarely Reboot.

    Does anyone have any idea if it's possible to schedule or script turning off the lights at certain times? (and then back on again)

    I'd love to be able to have them automatically turn off late night and kick back on in the morning.

    I can manually do it, of course. But I feel like there should be some way to set it up to swap without daily intervention.. and so far I've not come up with a good solution.

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    I've always wanted this feature. Turn off lighting during the day automatically, and turn it back on again in the evening. This would be optional of course.

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    This feature will be awesome, when ASUS will release it?

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