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    Strix G15 Problem connecting to dock USB-C

    I just bought a ROG Strix G15. To make my life easier I also bought a USB-C docking station from Targus.

    When I connect to the docking station to the computer using USB-C nothing happens. However if I put an USB3.0 adapter on the cord so that I can connect the dock to my computer using USB3.0 it works all of a sudden. However I did not by this dock to connect through USB3.0. I want to use USB-C. It's a USB-C dock and the new Asus laptop comes with one USB-C port.

    I've got the MyAsus application and so far as I can tell everything is up to date (does it update drivers by itself?). Can I check manually somehow that the USB-C port on the computer works? What could be a possible cause?

    If you look at the specs for the computer it states the following on the USB-C port: "1 X USB3.2 Gen2 Type-C support DisplayPort™". Does that mean I must connect my screen to the dock using displayport? It works with HDMI when I connect the dock to the computer using USB3.0.

    Very grateful for any help!

    e: When I have the adapter plugged into the computer the USB-C connection works. If I remove the power cord the connection breaks. But isn't it odd that the connection to the dock works if I connect through one of the computers USB3.0 ports? What gives?

    This is the dock I bought and it's supposed to supply the computer with power up to 60W.
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    Do you have another USB c cable to try? Do you or a family member have a USB-C compatible phone to test the port? Otherwise you might have to use more adapters to connect an older USB device to the type c port for testing.
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    A couple of days ago it just started working when I connected the laptop to a power source. However I can't get it going again. The laptop is currently connected to it's ow power source as well as the dock but there's no interaction. I cannot get it to work.

    Can I manually search the ports and get the computer to understand that it's connected to a docking station via the USB-C?

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    it could be a power issue with the laptop. it may only provide power to the USB Type-C port when a particular device is detected to try and save power.
    when running on battery alone, it may disconnect any type of super-speed charging device to save laptop power. but then I would expect it to work when the laptop's own power cable was connected.
    does the laptop have any settings via BIOS or control software that allow you to change settings for it's USB port you are connecting to?

    it could also be an issue with Windows power settings powering off the port in certain instances.

    or it could be an issue with the device itself, possibly needing drivers downloaded directly from Targus.

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    Hello JoarS,
    Please kindly PM me your SN
    and provide a picture of the dock, together with the model name as well.
    Thank you so much.

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