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    ASUS ROG STRIX G531GW Black Screen Problem

    I bought a Laptop, ROG STRIX G531GW over a month ago and I'm randomly expreriencing this black screen. Sometimes the lower part of the screen will become black and the remaining part will gradually decrease in brightness until whole screen is dark. The keyboard light is still on and screen will not turn back on whatever keys to press. After doing hard reset, the computer will boot up normally and the screen is good again. Last time I exprerienced this fault was the whole screen just gradually decrease in brightness until whole screen is dark. After I restarted, it boot ups normally but the screen is flickering and it also disappear after a few minutes. I already brought my laptop to the ASUS service center and the technicians didn't find anything wrong with the hardware according to their diagnostic tool and even charged me 1500php because they said they installed new OS which I contested at first because it's a new laptop and recovery for the OS is also installed in the hard drive. But after 2x checked at the service center and they can't find any problem at all, I'm still experiencing this random black screen. Does anybody have an idea about this problem? Thank you.

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