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    Lightbulb How the difference between GTX 1660, 1660 Ti, 1660 Super, 1660 Super Ex video cards

    Difference between GTX 1660, 1660 Ti, 1660 Super and 1660 Super Ex video cards

    Of course, depending on the company that sells, it will take or put some resource next to the chip, but in general, these acronyms are very confusing when you are not intimately connected to this world so fast that it is the world of computer components.

    Could someone tell me what is the real difference between so many specifications of a model like this?

    If possible, you can explain the acronyms: "Ti", "Super" and "Super Ex" on the plate models.

    Thanks for listening

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    Only the "Ex" suffix is an actual manufacturer-specific suffix out of those you mentioned.

    GTX 1660 means it is a GTX 1660 card
    GTX 1660 Ti means it is a GTX 1660 Ti card
    GTX 1660 Super means it is a GTX 1660 Super card

    Differences between these are not manufacturer-specific, all are reference designs by NVIDIA. You can find the differences at NVIDIA's website, e.g.

    With regards to GTX 1660 Super EX (and X), you would have to go to the manufacturer's (GALAX, which is not ASUS) website to see what is the difference from the reference card.

    Most of the suffixes do not carry much information (even the 'OC'/'ULTRA OC'/etc. ones), so you will need to compare the card's information with reference card's data, but some of the suffixes do:
    - LP (low-profile)/MINI and similar indicate cards specifically targeting small or OEM-specific cases
    - Blower indicate cars that blow hot air out the back of the case
    - Twin/Dual and similar indicate cards with two fans
    - Triple/Trio and similar indicate cards with three fans
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    I have fall in love with: ASUS Dual GTX1660Super -O6G-MINI OC (90YV0DT4-M0NA00)
    Short in length, high performance, and a true high quality cooling system.
    I am now counting few weeks prior to order one.

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    How these cards are even considered 'gaming cards' is beyond me. Anything less than a GTX 1060, RTX 2060, or a RTX 3060, is just a video card. Gaming experience will be sub-par unless gaming is limited Minecraft or to titles pre 2010. To get decent FPS, graphic settings will be set so low, a AAA game would look and play like complete crap.
    Hell, I would wager my ancient GTX680+ cards in SLI would out-perform GTX16XX in modern gaming.

    I am just saying this because I have, and am sure a lot of others have been disappointed in the past when purchasing such cards. Being it is billed as a 'gaming card', a not so savoy PC gamer on a limited budget buys one and then buys the latest kick-ass game. Only to discover they are limited to low setting and low FPS, rendering the game experience to almost unplayable, and getting slaughtered by 5 year old kids. That same person might then have saved a few more bucks and bought an actual 'gaming card'.

    The worst is pre-built systems sold by big-box retailers. Again, a lot of these 'gaming' systems would be hard pressed to keep a 3 year old occupied.

    These cards/systems should be labeled, 'Some low end games may be playable'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xmanrigger View Post
    How these cards are even considered 'gaming cards' is beyond me. .
    If you have the cash to pay me = 300 Euro, then I will use my time to prove your wrong.
    For gaming at 1920x1080 it is stupidity to spent a fortune for a graphic card.
    I can win at every game for as long I have 60 fps.

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