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    Angry ROG Strix x570-I Gaming Motherboard - Charged for Full Cost of Replacement

    I recently submitted an RMA to ASUS for a ROG Strix x570-i Gaming motherboard which showed excessively high chipset and VRM temps out of the box (purchased 4/22).

    The temps were so high that the onboard fans ran at full rpm all the time, even from cold boot, and the temps in the high 60s were cooking my NVME drives and causing them to throttle at even small workloads. This would get worse with computer use. I went through the full troubleshooting process, including swapping drives and processors, but nothing worked.

    Customer Support said no problem, the issue was probably related to faulty sensors, and to send in the board for RMA. I described some damage to the USB 3.0 internal header (broken pin), and provided photos. I confirmed with them that the damage occurred on 5/31, and thus had no connection to the temp problem.

    I was told explicitly by Customer Support that I may be charged a nominal fee to cover the damage to the USB 3.0 header, which was fine as I had had highlighted the damage when raising the RMA to begin with.

    I got an update on my RMA today from the Repair Center and they are trying to charge me $230 for a completely new board. This is not fair nor is it reasonable, as the faulty sensors/high temps would have required a brand new board anyway. I would have expected no more than $50 as fair as the issue required a new replacement board. To be honest, given how little time the repair center had with my board (based on delivery date) I feel like they just looked at the damaged header and decided the problems were caused by this.

    After buying 2 x ROG Strix x570-i Gaming motherboards, and ROG STRIX B450-I GAMING motherboard, I would expect better treatment from ASUS.

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    Hello FergusC186,
    Please PM me your SN and RMA number.
    I will consult more about your case.
    Thank you.

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