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    Hi everyone, I own a G75VX and currently experiencing the same or similar issues as the rest of you.
    One day I left my laptop on to download a game overnight and screen everything works perfectly fine. Next day i woke up and pressed keys on the key board to wake up my computer to sleep but oddly lights were blinking but my screen wont turn on. So I pressed the power button and the laptop turned off. Then i went to press the power button again and laptop ran fine but screen didnt even start or had any reaction. I thought to myself my screen might be dead or gpu has an issue. So i connect my TV to my laptop via HDMI and everything was working and showing. So i thought okay screen died so I ordered a new screen and installed it.... voila screen was turning on everything was working!!
    Then on same day i walked away while laptop still on and lid is not closed.. i left it the way it is....i came back and omg... screen is black again and wont turn on!!!
    I connected my tv via hdmi cable and was working, i went to the hardware manager and tv was detected as the display but nothing else!! My laptop screen wasnt even detected.
    So I disassembled my whole laptop but didnt touch the heatsinks... i reseated the RAM... disconnected the CMOS battery for a bit... checked the lcd cable and seems fine, reconnected it to the motherboard.
    I assembled back everything and even did a full power off with battery and power cable not connected then holding down power for 1 minuted and connect cable back on.
    Pressed power button and again everything works fine but screen was not turning on or being detected.

    Please help what could possibly be wrong?? How can a new screen suddenly works then after doesnt work again?

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    Looks like my G73JH finally gave up the ghost. It was completely dead. Panel lights would come on, keyboard would light for a second then go out, then nothing. I disassembled, reseated all the memory and cards and replaced the motherboard battery after letting it drain down for a few hours. It now boots to Windows (I can hear the intro music) but the screen is completely dead. Exterior monitor has no display either. I tried baking the card in the oven at 380 for 8 minutes (as seen on YouTube) but still noting. I guess I'm wondering if it's worth the $75 for a new card without a guarantee that it would be the fix. What's the magnet you folks talk about? I looked around while I had it open but didn't see anything. And I ran a paperclip around as well but it didn't get a pull from anything. This thing has kind of been a real POS from the start but I like the form factor and the case is very strong with good hinges.

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    This happens with my g752vy as well, you have to press the power button to put it so sleep, then again to wake it up. Nothing works properly on these rog laptops. Last time im purchasing asus.

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