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    Quote Originally Posted by alexmihaila View Post
    Hi Dan
    Q: why do you need newer bios since old is giving you whatever you need?
    Take it from a 12years ROG user {my 12yo Rampage Formula +q6600 still works ), i never update bios and rarely drivers unless something is not working;
    with ASUS better is the enemy of good (or working)
    Hey Alex,

    I am being requested by ASUS support to upgrade to the latest bios over another issue with ErP. Additionally, since my system is unstable with the latest bios versions, I'm unable to take advantage of the latest changes. E.g. AM4 AGESA updates.

    Doesn't seem really fitting to spend over $1k on mobo + ram combo to not be able to utilise the latest releases, however I understand where you are coming from.


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