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    Corsair DDR4 XMP BSOD

    Long time ago i have overclock and it was pretty stable (at least i thought so), but in some game i started to get BSOD Page Fault.

    I run Prime95 in blend mode and realized i have rounding errors, so i reset my bios to default and started from scratch. My specs:

    ASUS Strix 270F Gaming, latest bios motherboard Intel i5-7600k Kaby Lake-S Corsair Vengeance LED 2x8Gb DDR4 3000 15-17-17-35

    So i overclocked CPU to 4600 successfully with this setting:

    46 multiplier
    BCK 100 MHz
    Core Voltage: adaptive, 1.20v turbo, offset auto
    AC/DC load line: 0.01
    LLC 4
    DRAM Voltage 1.2V
    VCCIO 1V
    System agent voltage 1.024V
    Everything else on default

    I ran different tests in Prime 95 all stable, then memtest86 all good. Even run game, that previously bsod, it is fine now too.

    Now i wanted to run my memory from 2133 to 3000

    I enabled XMP and it immediately bsod on windows startup.

    I set timings manually and voltage too. Still Bsod.

    Then i tried to incrementally increase vccio and system agent voltage from 1 v up to 1.3v !!! Still crashing on startup.
    I don’t even know how i was running XMP before, because it was quite stable, after 3 years only the first game encounter bsod. Now i can’t even manage to startup Windows without bsod with xmp as before. The difference between old setting (3 years ago) and current is before i was running CPU at 4500 (4600 now) and voltage was in offset mode, and maybe higher than 1.2v i didn’t remember. Also ac/dc was auto. But with even this setting i can not run xmp now.

    Then i tried XMP with one stick of memory and it runs fine, memtest and Prime95 passed , with vccio 1v and system agent voltage 1.024v.

    Then i insert 2second stick and again immediate bsod on Windows startup.

    So need some help guys. My current queastions:

    1) Should i try to increase vccio and system agent even more?
    2) Should i try to increase only DRAM voltage?
    3) Is it normal, that when i set 1.35V in DRAM voltage, bios shows me only 1.325V? Same with VCCIO AND System agent Voltage
    4) Should vccio and system agent voltage be the same? or should i rise them separately?
    5) Should i try increase Vcore?
    6) What else i can do? Because i know that my system can run this stick in xmp mode, atleast it was like 98% stable, now it is like 5% stable)

    Thanks for help beforehand!

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