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    Help with RAM Upgrades ROG Strix GL12CX


    First time posting on here. I've owned a GL12CX for a few months now and finally got around to attempting a RAM upgrade. I purchased Corsair Dominators, and even though they're rated up to 3200mhz, I only get 2133mhz out of them. Attempts to manually set the speed to equal that of the factory RAM, 2666mhz, has no effect. Attempting to load either XMP profile 1 or 2 in the BIOS results in a boot cycle loop. Is it possible to overclock my RAM on this system? I notice that the BIOS for the GL12CX lacks the AI Overclock options of Asus' other Z390 chipset motherboards... Appreciate any help given!

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Unfortunately, not sure about all the details about this myself, but do not know a solution.
    We treat the motherboards in these desktops sold complete differently from the motherboards sold separately as you have seen from the motherboard bios settings.
    The GL12CX uses a customized motherboard that is not sold separately and our support for upgrades is a lot more limited as well, but not sure if what you are trying to do is possible or not and hopefully somebody will let us know if they found a way.

    Although it's a different model, below is a customer with the GL12CM having similar issues with no apparent solution.

    Was checking Crucial's website below for memory they approved for the GL12CX (ASUS has not officially approved the memory, so you will need to deal with Crucial if you run into any issues using their memory) and they seem to list faster memory, so not sure if it actually runs at the faster speed, runs at a slower speed, or could be incorrect?

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    have you tried the new 312 bios? i have the same gl12cx and plan to upgrade ram to 3200 MHZ . the new bios has a new option to enable memory overclock.

    try your memory module and report back.

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