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    windows freeze, no boot no beep code 00


    I have an issue with my current pc. This build was working just fine for 4-5 years, so this is NOT a new build.
    Suddenly, a few days ago, my pc froze: mouse/ keyboard did not work and screen was stuck. After doing a restart of my pc, it did not turn on.
    No screen/display, no beeps nothing.

    I have an ASUS Ranger VIII Maximus Motherboard with i7-6700k. When powering, it shows 00 code, which means nothing/ everything is fine?
    First I thought my PSU was faulty, but after trying out another one, this is not the case.
    Bit by bit I dismantled all components (GPU, M.2SSD, HDD and RAM). Every time the board showed me the 00 code, not once it beeped.

    I did a physical inspection and did not see any burnouts or smelled burns. A BIOS upgrade was also implemented.

    Can I safely assume my board is faulty or is it my CPU? Does this board have known issues like these?
    Even when all components are removed, no beeps and code 00 is shown.

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