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    I flashed to BIOS v311 and have the exact same problem with those 2 USB 3.2 ports. Like you, the other ports detect both my wife's phone and mine.
    I contacted Asus Support through the phone and was advised to do a reinstall of Windows. I did so but the problem still remains.

    As I am also having a problem, since new, in that the laptop will freeze and I have to Hard Power Off. Could not find out what was causing it.
    When I was in the BIOS looking at what setting were in there, the laptop froze.

    As that indicates it is hardware related and not Software & Drivers for the Software, I phoned Support again, told them of that freeze and the laptop has gone to a service center to be looked at. Apart from the freezes, & USB problem, the Caps Lock would not work as it should. Only once did I get it to sound the Beep/Boop sound after enabling Toggle Keys. It did not give the normal robust sound it should.

    I will point the repair shop technician to this thread. Now that I am not the only one with the USB problem, it points to a cause outside of anything I do/ have done.

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