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    Ryujin 240 Killed My 10900k

    The fans on this useless cooler were off when I was running a game. I didn't realize this until I touched my case to feel that it was quite hot. Before I was able to exit the game, the system shutdown. Now it no longer boots. The CPU was tested on a different system and it wouldn't run on their either. WONDERFUL!!!

    Combined with the Asus Strix Z490-I, and the Asus ROG Thor, I think I built nothing but a lemonade stand. This setup makes no sense. You have a cooler with two connectors to power the fans and a fan header to connect to either the AIO or CPU ports. I originally connected this to the AIO since this IS AN AIO. When I tried booting, the system refused to go beyond post because there was no CPU cooler. You'd think that by buying all ROG components, that they'd be fully compatible.

    So, does Asus replace components damaged by its garbage hardware?

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