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    Ram upgrad for G1 possible?

    I have a G1-AK024C gaming laptop.....yes its a G1 not a G1s or n or p or any others. Its the original G1 and I am the original owner.

    I would like to upgrade my ram from 2 gb to 4gb. I know the motherboard can take it, but the bios won't recognize more than 2 gb.

    I am running Win 7 64bit OS, so I know its not an OS issue. When I go to the bios setup, there is no way for me to change ram settings.

    I also know ASUS will not be offering a bios update, although that would be nice as numerous people have requested it across the internet. My current bios is G1AI.209.

    I have searched for 2 days now on across the internet using google and the asustek forums and cannot find anywhere this is addressed, but was referred here.

    Some help would be very much appreciated.

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    does it show up only as 2Gb in the bios? its possible a memory stick could be bad. i would try the memory 1 at a time in each slot to make sure both are working if its due to a bios limitation im not sure how much we can help you out there but i can try and ask our R&D team.

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    I tired that. Shows only 2gb in bios no matter what I have in there - 2 x1gb - 1 x 2gb in either slot or 2 x 2gb. I have heard that some people did this successfully but all those threads on the ASUS forums were deleted and can't find them via google but they were way over a year old. and now I can only find the G1s threads. Wondering if there is any difference b/w the G1 and G1s mb and if maybe the G1s bios will work with the G1.

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    Have you tried (1 x 1GB stick) + (1 x 2GB stick) for a total of 3GB? Give that a try and let us know how it goes.

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