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    Kivy's G512LV exploration thread

    Hey folks,

    Gonna make a G512LV mega-thread to help direct owners of this model

    This main post will be updated with information as it becomes available


    Disabled by the manufacturer due to intel vulnerability.


    So I'm wondering about the voltage offset in the bios the range is from 0mV to 80mV can someone tell me if they have tweaked with this setting from the bios and what results they have gained from this.

    So things like System stability, gaming performance, and temperature performance.

    Max memory

    64GB 3200 @ 1600Mhz XMP not available in bios @ blakeAsus would be ideal if we could get some clarification as to why we cant to enable XMP on our ram when available.

    Games that have issues with this model (from what I have experienced)

    Killing floor 2 - won't run on Intel GPU at all or Nvidia GPU in full screen will run in windowed mode but requires disabling in the intel card... WHY?! This is a driver issue between the intel and Nvidia and no known driver configurations will fix this issue.

    Power managment

    Would be nice to disable all power management but for some reason (after disabling power management in bios and on nvidia software) it still persists


    This model can run fairly hot in enclosed spaces with inadequate ventilation, recommend a cooling pad & well-ventilated room.

    Links to issues
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