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    GT-AX11000 slowing LAN wired connection

    Hi, I found out that my new router GT-AX11000 slowing wired connection a lot. I have COX DSL with speed download 940Mbps and upload 35Mbps. I tested the speed without router directly connecting my PC to modem and using Cat7 cable and got 740/36 Mbps but with router only 360/35 Mbps. After changing to Adaptive QoS and Automatic setting my speed improve to 529/32 Mbps. I attached my best settings so far. Is anything else I can change to improve speed closer to what I have without router? We-fi speed on my phone is around 200 Mbps sometimes more.
    Like I said my PC is the most important. I need full speed for gaming and other activity.
    I am not very good with internet setting and will appreciate any advises.
    I also use game boost .

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