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    Aura EC FW error

    I am getting an error that tells me the "Aura EC FW is updating. Do not shut down or reset the system to prevent system bootup failure."

    it says that then after a couple mins resets the system and does it all again. I can not get into the Bios also.

    I have tried Unpluging it and letting it set for an hour,
    taking the battery out of the mobo while unplugged and letting it set for an hour,
    hold the power button down to force a restart,
    letting it do the cycle for 12 hours,
    flashing the Bios from the memory stick,
    resetting the Bios,
    switching Bios to secondary one,

    this is the second time it has done it. I do not know how or why it started working last time but it went 12 hours on the cycle and then for no reason started working

    Update: My computer has been doing this error since Friday after noon at 5 pm MST it is currently Monday morning at 4 am MST
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