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    MY system: 3900X
    Crosshair Hero VIII
    Asus 2080 ti
    Corsair 32GB 3600MHZ memory
    RMI 850 Power Supply
    Lian LI 011 Dynamic
    Fully water cooled (Corsair Hydro X)

    Upgraded to bios 2204 and I have major issues. Random BSOD, unstable game play,
    When I try to use DOCP for the rated speed my pc won't even boot, it shows 22 on the QLED
    So for now the only way to get into windows is having the memory run at 2666 MHZ and leave everything on default on the bios....

    Any advice would be welcome, but I'm having the worst experience since I installed my system last year August. There is definitely something wrong with this BIOS...

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