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    GL504GM Fans wont turbo to full speed anymore causing insane framerate drops.

    Two weeks ago I noticed that the fans on my GL504GM are no longer spinning at full speed. Before that it was AUDIBLE and LOUD. Like a jet plane about to take off. Now it doesnt spin that fast. IDK what changed. The fan mode is still in "Overboost". And because of this games now stutter like crazy. I used to be able to play Assassins Creed Odyssey at 40 - 60 FPS easily. Now, often, the framerate drops to 3 FPS because the fans can't keep the GPU cool enough.
    I was on BIOS 3.11. I updated to 3.12 hoping that might fix it, but that didnt help. I'm also on the latest Nvidia Drivers 451.67.
    I've already undervolted my GPU and CPU. (GPU undervolting dropped the temperature by 6 C)
    Any thing I can do to ramp up the fans again?

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