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    CROSSHAIR HERO VI, AIO H115i not being recognized and boot issues

    Hi all,

    I'm having some issues with my motherboard, as i've tried to load the default values and now it doesn't detect the AIO Cooler H115 and is always asking for the CPU FAN as it's very low on speed (there isn't one), and also another one is how do i put my ram at it's speed, as it's on 2133 when they're 2666.

    Another question i have and if anyone can help me here, i've had dual boot for so long on my pc (linux and windows) and lately windows was getting so slow that i decided to format it and get rid of the dual boot and have only windows, although i've made the wrong move by first removing the linux partitions and then the Grub loader after trying loads of fixes with the /fixmbr, and another options with diskpart it seems that things are not going well.

    When i boot into the bios i have the settings for UEFI and legacy and then on secure boot it shows OTHER OS i changed to WINDOWS UEFI smth, and i have been changing these options around to see if it installs but now when i try to boot windows it doesn't even recognize the m.2/SSD/HDD while if i use the livedvd from linux everything is fine apparently with all drives there. anyone has any suggestions ?

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