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    Unhappy CROSSHAIR VIII FORMULA + RYZEN 3900XT shutdowns randomly while using gpu.

    Hello everyone,

    I have some strange problem, recently upgraded my build with a CROSSFIRE VIII FORMULA + 3900XT from a CROSSFIRE VI HERO + 1700X
    Using the same components that i previously have.

    - EVGA 2080 TI
    - Thermaltake UPS 1250w
    - KRAKEN X62 for cooling

    Previous to this upgrade the computer works flawlessly, once upgraded, the computer still works flawlessly nor while using the GPU ( playing some games )
    When using the gpu between 1-3 hours approximately the pc shut downs, but the motherboard remains ON and the only way to turn off and on again is by powering off the UPS.

    I cannot get what can be the problem, since there is no error on windows, there is no message in the motherboard, all the components where working perfect except on this situation.

    Someone had experienced something like that ?

    I tried with different BIOS ( 1302, 2100, 2103 ), with a clean install of windows, changed all the UPS cables, default options on the motherboard always no overclock.

    Can't be temperature problems since the GPU and CPU don't surpass the 70°

    I don't know what to do, any help to figure it out would be very helpfull.

    Many thanks!

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