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    Hey pharma and guys is there any update in Fan Xpert 3? I am only using this but with older version 3.00.51 (i guess) with no problem. But I can see some little space for optimalization Fan Xpert. Did you see difference compared to older? Thx.
    AFAIK, no real change to Fan Xpert 3. Before I could enter the names (ie, Top Fan, Front Fan, ...) of each fan (in the CPU OC Auto Tune) but now they have a different interface for auto tuning your cpu and haven't figured out how to manually enter names. What you given is the location name of each fan (Chassis Fan A, etc...) so you know the fan you are dealing with. Also like before you have the choice of Smart Mode and RPM Fix Mode for adjusting fan speed, or can adjust temp and rpm on the graph. I was also able to use fan configs from previous Fan Xpert 3 versions.

    Actually the way it is currently is not so bad.

    Hope this helps.
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