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    BUG GL502VMK screen, turns on with the screen off

    When turning on the notebook, an image appears until the part of the Windows loading, then the screen goes out but the keyboard remains on (lights), then I turn off the screen with FN + F7 and the keyboard turns off (the lights) together, I press FN + F7 again and the screen and keyboard turn on normally.
    I have already formatted windows, I have no way to update the bios because my battery has broken and this model is only possible to update with the battery for my unhappiness.

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    Hello JefersonB,
    I'm sorry I'm not sure if I missed something,
    but I don't see any issue from your description, may you describe more? or record a video?
    When are where did the screen turn on when you tried to turned the screen off?
    Thank you.

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