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    Request for SDK Information/Availability ROG AX11000 Router - Firmware Modification


    This is a request for information and/or availability of a SDK or "modifiable" Firmware for the ROG AX11000 Network Router.

    I understand the ROG - Designed for Gamers and Is a Great for QoS and Game Boosting when needed -

    However, Even with the Gaming capabilities it does not offer enough control in regards to network monitoring and access control. It does give some statistics but it does not provide the statistics in a real time mode. Bandwidth measurements that are provided in real time, are generic and provide little detail in real time. -

    The 3rd Party Firmware developers DD-WRT and OpenWRT and Asu-WRT (Merlin) are not options. -

    I would like to be able to make firmware level modifications (at very least) to the iptables, since it is here where most monitoring and access control can be changed and routed.

    Any information and help is greatly appreciated.

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