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    Undervolt GX502GV ?

    My Zephyrus hit 95°C during gaming session and for this reason i want to undervolt the CPU.
    Does anyone have any advice for me?
    I've tried with ThrottleStop but it seems to be useless.

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    Recent BIOS updates have disabled CPU voltage control on many laptops. In ThrottleStop 9.2, open the FIVR window and at the top of the middle column does it say Locked? If it does say Locked, try using a previous BIOS version that allows CPU voltage control.

    If your laptop is not locked, ThrottleStop can be used to adjust your CPU voltage. You need to lower the CPU core and cache offset voltages.

    ThrottleStop cannot fix an inadequate or poorly installed heatsink. Try replacing the thermal paste if you are having problems. Modern Intel CPUs run hot. The thermal paste application needs to be perfect. Learn what pastes work best in laptops that do not have an integrated heat spreader. Pastes that are well rated for desktop applications might pump out and be useless when used in a laptop.

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