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    Asus Rog Srtix G G731GU External monitor compatibility

    I'm planning to purchase an external monitor for my Asus Rog Srtix G G731GU laptop to game on it. Can I take the full advantage of the monitor with my laptop such as the 280Hz using USB Type C to Display Port cable ? or via the HDMI2.0b port ? and I need to know if these ports connected to the intel or the nvidia GPU in other word will the nvidia optimus bottleneck the external monitor and make it laggy ??
    I connected the laptop to an old 60Hz monitor and its laggy not playable at all I don't know if this will be the case if connected to a new monitor with new cables
    core i7 9750H
    GTX 1660Ti
    16GB RAM dual channel

    Thank you.
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    Hello mohamed,
    The HDMI port maximum output is 4K 60HZ
    and the Type C display port is 5120*3200,60HZ.
    Above information for your reference.
    Thank you.

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