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    GL703VM Crazy temperature over 100°C

    Lately my notebook temperature is going crazy.
    Asus GL703VM
    Intel i7-7700HQ
    ASUS GTX 1060

    Yesterday in game the CPU reached 100°C! And the GPU 88°C
    But also if I'm doing simply things (like now, just writing here) sometimes the CPU reach over 90°C.

    I don't know if there is also some software issues, and I'm thinking if I need also to format, but probably i need to repaste in any case.
    I put the maximium of my CPU at 99%
    I undervolted with intel XTU -0.140
    but nothing changed, if i do the stress test it is ok, but in game I have always 98/99°C
    I have a cooling pad but is useless.

    I never really cleaned or repasted, so it's time to do it.
    I did with old PC and a old laptop that had GPU problems, so I was not afraid, but now this is important laptop

    I still have the paste I used
    ARCTIC MX-4 2019 edition
    and a small
    Thermal pad 50x50x1mm (i used a little bit of it)
    But now I'm wondering, would be better to use liquid metal?

    In some video i saw they used liquid metal on CPU and GPU and applied some tape to protect the small components around it (i have some black electric tape, is it ok?)
    and the thermal pad on other components (but I think i have few of that

    It is safe? There is not alluminium in my laptop, right?

    The point is that the temperature are really high
    And I hope I could decrease a lot the temperature.

    Thank you

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