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    Zephyrus S17 HDMI not output 4K since yesterday (I'm disappointed Asus)

    I had in August 2019 until 01/2020 GX701GX which cost me 3000$ and after 5 months only, the keyboard stopped to work.
    I send it for RMA and they updated the BIOS which fixed the keyboard.

    but I received the laptop back without RGB lights.

    this is the time when corona started, I send the laptop again in February for RMA and Asus in my country told me that need to order new motherboard and it will take 1-2 months.

    so I just decided to sell the laptop for 1800$
    (March - April 2020)

    since 01/2020 and until May i spend my time without laptop, and I don't have laptop in home, or desktop PC.

    I also missed projects which I worked on.

    than Asus said they will release Zephyrus S17 soon.
    I am loyal to this model and Asus.
    I waited for the release, but this time I ordered the laptop from USA store online. I'm not from USA.

    I received the laptop in 01 July, and I also had to pay twich GOV of 650$+650$ (error of my GOV)
    and until now they are not response on phone or fax.

    but the USA store helped me with the second GOV payment.
    and I appreciate them.

    Im not playing much, but I wanted to give good feedback to this model. so I played games and uploaded videos to YouTube.

    and right now after a month and 27 days, my HDMI port just stopped to output 4K signal.
    It's output now only FHD resolution from the laptop to the TV.
    and time it's detect FHD and other time not.

    I don't know what the problem is.
    I also ordered 4K HDMI cable yesterday for 60$ which didn't work.
    It's not the cables and not the TV's.

    and not drivers as I reinstalled them, and I also reinstall windows 10 1909 update via USB. to check.

    DisplayPort and Thunderbolt 3 working fine for all resolutions.
    but I don't need to give up now on HDMI.

    It's not ok that I spend 8 months with problems in 2 laptops.
    and I almost didn't enjoyed them.
    6000$ - 7000$ it's not cheap and not ok.

    also from the first boot in 01/07 the screen was stuck on black, and fans on turbo. and I did not really give an attitude to the problem. but this would occasionally happen. and each time I took a video / photo with a date as proof.
    I have all the videos in my phone.

    I was in the army, and since then I have saved every penny.

    and I find myself buying and selling the same model.
    2019 and 2020 and this year too I will have to sell after just two months?

    I sent the laptop now to a ASUS RMA in my country, so they can check the problem.
    but alot bad feedbacks about the RMA in my country.

    In my country there is no official laboratory, and these are contractor laboratories.

    which are difficult to trust.

    and it is not possible to send for repair in the USA, to those who do not live in the USA.

    Disappointed and sad.
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