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    Asus PRIME X299-DELUXE sometimes change the Boot in the BIOS. Why?

    Hi, I have a computer that was assembled just over a year ago with the Asus PRIME X299-DELUXE motherboard and Intel i9 7940X processor. The PC is working very well but sometimes I get problems with the Boot in the Bios. It has happened 3 times in a year, when I turn it on, it freezes on a black screen telling me that it can't find the right Boot and that I have to go to the BIOS to fix it.

    In fact in the BIOS I see that the various Boot are all different than those I had put.

    So I have to manually put the right Boot and then the PC turns on regularly.

    3 times in a year are not many, but I would like to understand why this happens to me.

    Thanks for some info.

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