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    Ryuijin Pump spinning up and down

    Do I have a defective pump?

    I recently setup a Ryujin 360 on an AMD 3950X in a ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (no wifi) mounted in a Corsair 900D full size tower.
    I finally got Armoury Crate installed after several days of failed attempts. AI Suite is also installed.
    OLED is working fine, reporting CPU temps. RBG is also working, scaling from green to red with CPU temps.

    The AIO is plugged into the AIO header on the motherboard.
    The 3 radiator fans are plugged into the splitter provided from the AIO Pump assembly.
    3 more radiator fans are plugged into a fan controller and set to a fixed RPM for a push/pull setup.
    4 various case fans are plugged into CaseFan1, 2, 3 and H_AMP headers.
    I've assigned fan locations in AI Suite and run Fan Expert to setup the Silent, Standard, Turbo and Full Speed profiles.

    All the case and radiator fans work fine, ramping up and down smoothly depending on the temperature and/or profile.
    The pump assembly, however, is constantly spinning down, then a couple of seconds later, spinning up, then a couple of seconds later, spinning down. This happens in all four profiles, just at slower or faster RPMs depending on the profile. Even in Full Speed mode, with a curve at 100% for all points, it still spins up and spins down.

    I've tried to adjust settings in AI Suite, as well as in Armoury Crate and the Q controls in the BIOS.
    I'm not sure which settings take priority, but I've also tried to set them all the same. Nothing seems to make a difference.
    CPU Temps are fluctuating from 35 Celcius on the low end to 45 Celcius on the high end at idle. I assume this is do to the pump not running consistently.
    My next troubleshooting step is to disable Armoury Crate and AI Suite at startup and test with only the Q controls in the BIOS.

    Any suggestions and/or input would be greatly appreciated.

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