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    PG27UQ RMA Issue

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have been having difficulty with the RMA process and ASUS repairing monitor. Besides the fact the person I get on the phone I can barely understand they said they are not repairing due to physical damage. However there was no physical damage before I shipped it by FedEx. In fact the only thing wrong with the monitor was the backlight had gone out on the right side of my monitor. The physical damage they are claiming is on the other side of the monitor which was working properly and had no damage whatsoever before shipping. The monitor was properly handled to FedEx with no physical damage. The packaging was bought at the FedEx shipper and the FedEx employee packaged the monitor to be shipped. Since this was a prepaid shipment by ASUS, FedEx stated that additional insurance is covered by the company who paid for the shipment and that no additional insurance could be purchased. This is a $2,000 plus monitor and trust me I would have happily paid for the insurance since I know that damage could occur during shipment. I attached the photos that they sent as well as the original problem I sent in for repair with no physical damage that they are claiming. I have provided all this information twice to ASUS as I disputed the physical damage. According to their own policy if a prepaid label is used and the physical damage can be shown that it occurred during shipment then it's ASUS responsibility to follow up with the shipper to file a claim. I would think that this would fall in that category. I have tried to call their service and have this issue escalated but got the runaround. 4 of my computers in my house have been built with mostly ASUS parts, and so far there service is way below par from a company I expect more from. I am not sure what to do and any information would help. Should I contact my lawyer and have him start a process that could go on forever as their last 2 replies to me is the following:

    Unfortunately, your unit is received in our repair facility with physical damage. You may refer to the pictures we sent. ​Physical damage is excluded from the standard warranty coverage. If you would like to have the unit repaired, payment is required. If you would like to have your unit sent back to you unrepaired you would need to reject the quote. Please select the "reject" option in the top right hand corner of your invoice.
    If you have any other questions, comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to us again. Thanks for choosing ASUS Products and Services.

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