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    Zephyrus S17 defective HDMI port and RMA said "fixed, reason: hand on Asus logo"

    Im tired Asus!
    I paid in 2019 3000$ for GX701 (RTX 2080)
    and after 5 months RGB stopped to work.
    (RMA in my country had to fix problem with keyboard and than new problem with RGB)

    i sold the laptop in 2020 and in july 2020 I ordered the new model ZEPHYRUS S17 (RTX2080 SUPER)

    but since the first day I had problems with the motherboard.
    laptop frozen from time to time on boot.
    when wake from sleep mode, laptop become hot and fans automatic at turbo.

    and before 7 days my HDMI port just decided to stop output 4k resolution to TV.

    with FHD working, with 4K no signal on TV.

    I contacted Intel, I contacted Nvidia.
    I installed drivers again and again, reset windows again and again.
    I ordered other HDMI cables (60$) just for testing so I ordered expensive cable, tested with different TV's.

    nothing fixed this weird problem.

    so I sended the laptop to RMA in my country in the beginning of the week.

    they keep the laptop for 5 days, and yesterday they said "fixed"
    I received the laptop today, with tiny scratch at the bottom of the laptop.

    + problem didn't fixed.

    and what they write on the paper?
    reason: HDMI problem
    checked: hang on Asus logo
    fixed: reinstall HDI image

    "hand on Asus logo" "reinstall HDI image" what?

    I called asus after I received the laptop, and agent said he will check with the lab and if I can to send in mail the videos.

    but until now nothing.

    Asus I paid 7000$ since 2019! 2 defective laptops!
    the good performence not worth it if there is problems after just 2 months!

    I will not accept it, its second case of problem with this model.
    in last year and in this year.

    I always didn't get an answer on Asus forum, but you need to know how to relate and not just take money.

    if there is admins here, I request from the admins here to send my post to those who responsible.

    It's $7000 that went to waste, I will not give up. You have millions of money, I have not worked for almost a year because of the corona.
    and since 2019 I spend 7000$ for 2 defective models.

    GX701 + Zephyrus S17.

    I have on my phone about 200 images and videos from the last model, and the new one.
    to proof my case.

    I'm starting to have nightmares at night because of these problems, and I lost almost a year without working on projects.

    I do not have another computer at home, and I put most of my savings on this model.
    in 2019 and now in 2020.

    Yes I will be dramatic, most of the time asus filter the users and do not respond.

    so take note, if I get hurt because of thoughts about these problems every day.
    It's your responsibility.
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    Hi liplenny26,
    Please PM me your SN.
    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blake@ASUS View Post
    Hi liplenny26,
    Please PM me your SN.
    Thank you.

    I PM you my serial blake

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