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    Exclamation ROG GL552VW - Intel HD graphics 530 driver issue

    I have an ASUS ROG GL552VW.

    The latest Intel HD Graphics 530 driver available for my laptop on the ASUS site is:


    If I install a later version, I get screen flicker on my secondary monitor. However, I need the


    driver installed as this is the earliest driver version that is stable with Adobe CC. I do video editing and need the larger secondary monitor to work effectively. But I am having to work with the screen blanking out intermittently every few minutes which is extremely frustrating.

    I have been troubleshooting for months - different monitors, cables, connection ports etc - it is definitely the driver that causes this. Is there a way to get a more updated OEM driver for my graphics card?

    At the moment I'm having to install the generic driver whilst I edit and then roll-back to the 2016 version when I play games etc.

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    You can try the following steps:

    # prepare everything required to complete the procedure in offline mode
    - Download latest Win10 DHC Intel driver //
    - Download latest NVIDIA driver for your card model from the official site
    - Download the latest version of DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) // search google
    - Extract DDU contents to some accessible location ( C: or Desktop )

    # go in offline mode
    - Disable automatic re-connect to your home WiFi (for best results, turn-off the router itself to ensure no internet from this step until the end)

    # uninstall old/current drivers
    - (Re)Boot in Safe-Mode
    - Run DDU as Admin
    - Tick the setting to 'disable automatic windows drivers update'
    - Uninstall NVIDIA driver (choose the option to do it without reboot)
    - Uninstall Intel driver (choose the option to reboot after uninstall complete)
    - Now the PC should boot normally, without drivers and without a way to automatically download (remember to turn-off the house-router, not the machine wifi-antena)

    # perform clean install of the drivers in the given order
    - Right-click on the Intel installer -> Run-as-Admin -> Reboot after install is complete
    - Right-click on the NVIDIA installer -> Run-as-Admin -> Express install (tick the option to make 'clean install') -> Reboot after install is complete

    # all done, your problem should be now gone
    You can turn-on the router and grant internet access to the PC.

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