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    This is what will happen to your old precious ROG friend

    I have a ROG G752vy model which suddenly couldn't turn on.
    I sent it to ASUS for repair.
    Guess what, they generate an invoice of $1.7k (I bought it for 1.3k with discounts). Because they don't have any backup parts for the End Of Life(EOL) model. They do have quite some stocked EOL models in their warehouse. For a small part that costs maybe a few hundred bucks, now I'm asked to replace my laptop completely??? Excuse me? That's not called a repair bro!

    Their customer service does nothing but repeats this is what will be done. Useless and helpless!

    Thank you for the opportunity to address this matter with you. Regrettably your model is considered EOL(End Of Life) this means that the parts for this unit are no longer being manufactured and these units are no longer being made. We are very sorry for the inconvenience because of this our service team isn't able to repair your product and as a part of our RMA process. If the product can't be repaired we offer to replace it.
    We can understand that the option offered might not be feasible for you as such if you do not wish to
    proceed, please use the 'reject' button at the top right-hand corner of the invoice and the unit will be processed to be returned unrepaired.

    Please make note of your case number for future reference: Nxxxxxxxx

    Saleem D.
    ASUS Product Support
    No ASUS anymore in my home and I will not recommend ASUS to any of my friends.

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    Hello polo1jcw,
    Please PM me your SN or RMA.
    Thank you.

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