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    ROG RYUJIN 360 fan PWM & Armoury Crate

    Hi, I hope I am in the right place. First build here and this has been driving me nuts. I noticed that the fans don't spin below 40% PWM setting in armoury crate.

    I have the ROG RYUJIN 360 connected to the AIO pump header with the fans connected to the AIO pump fan connector. SATA and usb 2.0 are also connected and everything works just about perfect. However, I noticed that the fans don't start spinning unless the PWM% is at least 40% in armoury crate. As of right now I changed the default smart mode setting of 30% PWM/30C to 40%/30C so there is some fan action going on.

    Is this normal or is there something I am missing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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