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    I don’t think any AIO will be able to tame this CPU even at stock settings. Your best bet is if you are going to use and AIO under volt like crazy to like 1.2V max and run down all core frequency until it’s stable. A great AIO might squeak by with a 9800K but not an 18 core HEDT. I tried the top of the line Corsair on a 9940X and it was a fail at anything last 4.2GHz and 1.05 Vcore. Put it in a custom loop and that one does 5.1GHz on all 14 cores no AVX offset. I just started tweaking with a 10980XE once they became affordable, picked one up at Microcenter. Went to 5GHz no problem except the Vcore goes to high and the heat on a very overkill custom loop was mid 90s. I prefer 80-85 max. I’m sitting at 4.8 all cores 1.25 volts Vcore and keeping it in the 80s. That’s about where I live on the 9940X too.*

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