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    Quote Originally Posted by dcbryantmjkda View Post
    Perhaps it'll get resolved with the Fall or next spring update.

    Also, when I'm saying "restart," I'm actually meaning that after you click "restart" and the screen goes dark, from the time it seems to take to receive power to when you can log in - it seems to take a shockingly long time to boot up. However, it only seems to happen during a restart.

    Yeah, I have the same hope that MS will resolve ver 2004's issues--they likely will.

    So, when you power off your system, completely shutting it down, then restart what is is boot time like? And does it take a long time to power down system, or is your issues solely restart issue?

    For me, it did seem that the power down cycle took too long, but i never timed that end of things; just the startup, which as i said was over 2 minutes. That's ridiculously long!

    Sure hope you get things sorted! I've grown so very tired of dealing with MS's poorly engineered updates. I try to postpone all updates now.

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