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    Asus Rog B550-e Bios CPU temps vs HWInfo/ryzen master


    I am trying to tune the Fans of my cpu and case. I noticed the following:

    The source for the fans in the Bios is "CPU".
    There is no indication what sensor.

    So anyway. My motherboard can display the temperature of the CPU on the small qcode display.

    When underload... HWinfo and Ryzen master are showing me the Temp correctly 62degrees. The motherboard display was showing 51-52.

    I tuned the fan to ramp on 60degrees.. they never ramped up because the source for the Fans is CPU=51.... the thing is in HW monitor under Motherboard i can see 2 sensors: "CPU package" which correspond to the ryzen sensors and another "CPU" which corresponds the source used for the fan curves and is 10-12degrees cooler under load...

    Is this a bug in the motherboard ? i mean i cnat understand the purpose of this offset

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