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    Parts for TUF A17

    I'm looking for several parts for my TUF A17 FA706IU:

    • Smaller Battery (I have the 90W version)
    • HDD Bay for 2.5" drive
    • HDD Flex Cable (from 2.5" SSD to motherboard connector)

    I'd like to add a 4TB 2.5 SSD. To do so, I need to install the smaller ver. of the battery (don't know wattage) to make room for the bay area under the larger battery. And I'll also need the SSD cage/bay and cable to connect to mobo.

    I've checked out ASUS Parts Eu, I've done a bunch of searching and turned up nothing.

    If anyone has any notion where these parts may be found or has part numbers, that would be great and hugely appreciated.
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