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    Not working on windows 10. Tried everything

    So as mentioned in another post a while ago, my centurion 7.1 stopped working on my machine after a windows update almost a year ago. It was still functional on my win7 machine but not the win10, but fine, after a lot of back and forth with support, the blame was put on my machine since "it works in another machine".

    I had stored the headset+base after that since well, was either that or toss it in the garbage and technically it still works, just on older computer.

    Decided to take it out for a new try, hoping that a new windows update would have fixed it somehow, same problem, usb port reset. I formatted in between so its not even the same install yet same problem. Fine maybe its my pc thats having hardware problem, i took the headset to a friend, his machine also on windows 10, same problem, usb port reset.

    Tried it on my windows 10 notebook, same problem, usb port reset failed.

    Installed windows 7 on that same notebook, all of a sudden it works just fine.
    Boot back on win10, and back to port reset failure.

    I can only assume that its a driver issue, that somehow windows 10 "default" driver for it doesnt work. But the software install from wont install if it cant detect the device, and it cant detect it when its stuck in that usb port reset failure so i cant even try to install the latest update hoping for it to work.

    I got it "working" by plugging it in my notebook on windows 7 and using voicemeeter to stream its the sound / microphone from/to my main machine so at least i can still use it fine (with an extra 5-10ms delays but well, except for fps that delay doesnt really matter). But i'm still rather disapointed in asus for leaving this be an issue for so very long.

    I'm aware that it seem to work for some other bases, and somehow my base is different, not sure how, but its somehow different in a way that its pretty picky about what os it intialise on.

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