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    Zephyrus s17 gx701 Game crashes fixed!

    Hey guys, just wanted to share this important information with you guys and hopefully help someone.

    I own a 2020 version Zephyrus s17 gx701 laptop. Since I purchased the laptop (4 months ago) I've been having issues with freezes on demanding games like resident evil 2, metro exodus etc. playing on max settings or really high. Every time I tried to play those games, the games would crash and shut off completely. I tried reinstalling the graphics drivers, going back to previous versions of the drivers, reinstalling the games, changing direct x , and lastly I tried reinstalling windows but none of them worked. I searched everywhere in the internet to find a fix to those problems but no-one had an answer for it but yet so many people were experiencing those problems. This morning I was about to give up and call ASUS because I thought it was a faulty graphics chip but then I thought about how buggy armory crate was when this computer came out so I decided to play with it. Turns out that every time I play the games on silent or performance mode profile on armory crate, the computer doesn't crash on games. In the other hand, If you play on Turbo mode the games crashes a few seconds or mins after you launch them. I ended up just creating a manual profile to adjust the fans to the level I want them to be to cool off the computer while gaming . I have been playing all day long on Manual profile and not a single crash yet. Hopefully it will work for you too if you are having this issue. My apologies for my crappy English, second language xD.

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