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    Exclamation ASUS Zephyrus M (2019) Temps too high? [GU502GU]

    My CPU temps are reaching 92-97C for some reason at idle.
    My fan speed is max. in manual mode at 123% and 119 % for the cpu and gpu respectively (8800-9000 RPM)
    I tried GPU mining somewhere around April, and my GPU temps would hit around 84-88C while being at around 75% fan speed. Now I can't even leave it at max. speed without using a laptop cooler as well to keep it around 86C.
    I have opened the back panel and completely cleaned the fan blades (it was pretty dusty and clogged) but even after completely cleaning it up it hasn't gone back to that. it only partly fixed the overheating issue I was facing for a week ,I was reaching 90C temps on the GPU with the cooler and max. fan speed. But it still hasnt gone down to how it should be or better.
    Should I re-paste the thermal paste? I have a Gelid thermal paste. Would that be better than what's already in? And I'm guessing this would void my warranty wouldn't it while repasting? I have repasted my previous custom built barebones laptop 2-3 times with the permission of the vendor so I didn't void warranty for that but I understand it's different in this case.
    I bought this laptop in March of this year
    Would really appreciate any help to get the temps down.

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